I never really thought about going into the pet retail business as much as I just followed my nose. Or should I say, my dog’s nose. I first became interested in pet nutrition when my American Bulldog, Mojo, was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2007. I immediately changed his diet to home-cooked food & raw meat & he began to rally. Mojo lived happily for 6 more months as opposed to the 6 weeks he’d been given by the vet. I knew I would never feed my dogs the same old mainstream “big box” foods ever again. Several of my friends wanted the same quality nutrition for their pets so I bought a chest freezer & purchased large amounts of frozen raw food & everything grew from there. For years I’d been looking for a place where I could take my pets for a fun outing & the only places like that either weren’t really fun or they didn’t carry products that were healthy. I knew this was the niche for me so in 2008 we rented space at Market Street & we officially opened Pure Pets in January of 2009. I’d never even worked in retail so there was quite a learning curve to conquer, but I just kept my vision in mind: a fun pet place with healthy & affordable products. A lot of people think it’s too pricey to feed their pets “the good stuff”, but when you look at cost-per-feeding & factor in a reduction in vet & grooming bills due to healthier animals, high-quality nutritious pet food is definitely a better way to go. Not to mention, with the right food, your pets will be happier too.

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